API Documentation

The Pyrite3D API is a RESTful service that provides 3 discrete facilities to callers.
  1. Discovery - discover the models stored and exposed by Pyrite3D server
  2. Query - run spatial queries against the model
  3. Download - download cubes and related texture assets

Data Concepts

The models are stored by name and version - such that I can have different versions of the same model.

API Cheatsheet

Method Pattern Description
GET /sets Returns list of available set names
GET /sets/<setname> Returns list of available versions for set <setname>
GET /sets/<setname>/<version> Returns metadata for specified version of set <setname>
GET /sets/<setname>/<version>/models/<lod>/<x,y,z>[?fmt=<format>] Returns model data for the data at the specified world coordinates and level of detail

More Information

For updated information about the Pyrite3D API please refer to the project wiki page.