100 Million Vertices?

Stream massive meshes and textures to Unity or ThreeJS.

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Slice and stream meshes and textures

Really Big Meshes

Source meshes are sliced into cubes at different levels of detail to render any object on any device.

Any Texture

Textures are partitioned into smaller chunks with full UV remapping and scaling per LOD.

3D Scan Optimized

Designed from the ground up to work with detailed source data from 3D scans and 3D photo reconstruction.

Open Source

Our pre-processing tools, server, and client libraries are MIT licensed and available on GitHub.

2D Grid 2D Grid

A Three Dimensional Tile Server

Pyrite serves cubes, of varying sizes and vertex counts, to dynamically populate a scene with detail required as your camera moves. Processing your textures and meshes to support this isn't easy either - so Pyrite also includes a full pre-processing toolset.

Currently under heavy development

Follow Along

Check out Github directly to track our progress.